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Congregation Kneseth Israel

Welcome to the White Shul



Rabbi Eytan Feiner 

  Please click here for Rabbi Feiner's Shiurim,
  recent Shiurim are posted below
  Rabbi Feiner's Shiurim can also be heard on YU Torah


   Rosh Chodesh Hallel - 1-16-2015 Listen Now

   VAEIRA Makas Barad 1-18-15 Listen Now
   VAEIRA Frogs & Midah Of Ka'As (Anger) 1-20-15 Listen Now
   Birchas Hatorah Appreciating the Importance & Sweetness of Torah 1-20-15 Listen Now

   BO-10 Maamoros;10 Makos:10 Dibros & Uniqueness of Last Three Makos

   1/22/15 Listen Now

   Va'Eira  Moshe Feeling the Pain of Others & Hakoras Hatov 1-26-15 Listen Now
   Parshas Hamonn, B'shalach & Chodesh Shevat 1-27-15 Listen Now

Rabbi Shay Schachter 

  Please click here for Rabbi Schachter's Shiurim,
  recent Shiurim are posted below

  Rabbi Schachter's Shiurim can also be heard on YU Torah


  Techum Shabbos Above the Ground Level - 1-14-2015  Listen Now

  Davening Silently or Out Loud - 1-14-2015  Listen Now
  Standing for Kiddush Levana & Other Mitzvos 1-21-2015 Listen Now

  Fundamentals of Muktzah on Shabbos Part  1-21-2015 Listen Now
  Timeless Lessons from The Body Of Yosef Hatzadik Listen Now

  Could One Make the Manna Taste Like Basar B'Chalav 1-28-15 Listen Now
Various Categories of Muktzah on Shabbos 1/28/2015 Listen Now





We Thank our member Herschel Baron for the Video

  Haschalas Sefer Torah for Rabbi Hecht - 12-14-14 Listen Now
  Rabbi Dani Cooper - Tefillas HaDerech 12-28-2014 - Listen Now
  Rabbi Menachem Penner, - Asarah B'Teiveis Yom Iyun, 
The Siege of Jerusalem             and the Siege of Gaza? Civilian Casualties from a Torah Perspective, You Tube
  Dr. David Berger, The Heavenly & Earthly Jerusalem: Divine Initiative & Human
  Effort in the Process of Redemption.You Tube

Thu, 29 January 2015 9 Shevat 5775