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Congregation Kneseth Israel

Davening Times for Chanukah Monday, December 22, 2014: – ROSH CHODESH TEIVEIS 5:50 LB 6:00 BM 6:50 MS 7:45 BM 8:05 MP 8:30 MS 9:15 BMMinchah - 4:15 followed by Maariv at 4:45 and at 8:00 PM. CHAG CHANUKAH SAMEACH

Welcome to the White Shul



Rabbi Eytan Feiner

  Kitzur-Chanukah    Listen Now

  Kitzur-Chanukah II Listen Now

  Kitzur-Chanukah III Listen Now

  Al HaNissim of Chanukah 12-2-14 Listen Now

  Chanukah Our Fingers & The Four Galuyos 12-7-14 Listen Now

  Chanukah Gematrios & Remazim 12-8-14 Listen Now

  Kitzur Chanukah 12-9-14 Listen Now
  Chanukah Origins Of The Neis Pach Shemen Listen Now

  Chanukah Licht Motzei Shabbos Kitzur 12-11-14  Listen Now

  Vayeishev Yaakov 12-14-14 Listen Now
  Vayeishev Kumzitz 12-12-14  Listen Now

Rabbi Shay Schachter

  Appreciation for Klal Yisroels Struggles & Sacrifice for Eretz Yisroel Listen Now

  Hakamas Matzeiva for Tzaddik or Tzadeikes Listen Now

  Do we Honor Request of Talmid Chochom for No Eulogy @ His Funeral Listen Now

  Lech L'cha Inspiring & Educating the Next Generation Listen Now

  Integral Part or a Mere Insert- Additions to Shmoneh Esrei Throughout The Year Listen Now

  Introduction to Hilchos Yichud Listen Now

  Yichud II Yichud With Ones Wife Listen Now

  Hilchos Yichud III  Listen Now   

  Hilchos Yichud Part 4 12/10/2014 Listen Now 

  Haschalas Sefer Torah for Rav Hecht 12-14-14 Listen Now


Mon, 22 December 2014 30 Kislev 5775