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Davening Schedule




6:00 AM:(NOT SUNDAYS) Beis Medrash; overflow to New Beis Medrash/MP Room - Masks mandatory

6:30 AM:                             Main Shul

7:30 AM:                             Main Shul

8:00 AM:                             Beis Medrash - Masks mandatory

8:30 AM:                             Main Shul

9:15 AM:                          
  Main Shul

9:15 AM:                             Back Beis Medrash - Masks mandatory



10 Minutes before Plag:   Parking lot

8:10 PM:                             Main Shul



Following Minchah:          Main Shul

9:45 PM (NOT SUNDAYS):       Back Beis Medrash


  • Masks:
    • Must be worn from when you enter the building until you are at your seat.  During the week, the Main Shul will be divided into designated  "Mask Mandatory" and "Mask Optional" sections. However, when you are moving about the Shul, or receiving an aliyah, you must wear a mask. 
    • Masks are optional at the outdoor minyanim.
  • No cellphones may be on at any time in the building.
  • Before entering any minyan, please sanitize your hands properly.
  • Seating is limited to marked spaces, which have been established to maintain social distancing, and will be on a first come, first serve basis.  Please realize that this may mean that you cannot sit in your usual place. 
  • People residing in the same home may sit next to each other without social distancing; however, that family unit must be socially distant from the next mispallel/im.
  • Please do not daven in the aisles or walk around the Shul during davening, even with a mask.
  • Please consult with your physician and the rabbanim if you are concerned about your ability to attend Shul under these guidelines.
  • The women's section will be open for Shabbos; the same regulations apply.
  • In the event of a Simchah, a section may be reserved in the Shul for that family and their guests.  This may have an impact on seating as well.
  • While we recommend that you bring your own siddur, chumash, etc., Shul seforim may be used.
  • Please use the restroom at home.  If you must use the Shul facilities, please be sure to use a tissue or paper towel to touch any surface.
  • On weekdays, once the Main Shul is full to legal capacity, incoming mispallelim should go to the women's section upstairs.  Seats there are marked for social distancing as well.
  • Please do not congregate in the halls before or after davening.
  • At this time, no food or drink (including tikkun or kiddush) is allowed in the Shul building.
  • The Gabboim will be enforcing these procedures, and your adherence to them will help ensure a smooth reopening.  We realize that the situation is not ideal, and appreciate your cooperation and understanding.
Wed, July 15 2020 23 Tammuz 5780