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Davening Schedule


Due to the worrisome uptick in local cases, the entire
White Shul is Mask Mandatory. You MUST wear a mask at all
times after entry. Please adhere to this policy.


6:00 AM: (EXCEPT SUNDAYS) Beis Medrash; overflow to New Beis Medrash/MP Room

7:00 AM: (SUNDAYS ONLY) Beis Medrash 

6:30 AM:                             Main Shul

7:30 AM:                             Main Shul

8:00 AM:                             Beis Medrash

8:30 AM:                             Main Shul

9:00 AM:                             Beis Medrash

9:30 AM:                             Main Shul



10 Minutes before Plag:   Parking lot

6:35 PM:                           Main Shul


Following Minchah:         Main Shul

9:45 PM (EXCEPT SUNDAYS): Beis Medrash


Welcome to the White Shul! 

We truly care about the health, safety and comfort of all our mispallelim. You are entitled to disagree with these rules, but you MUST obey them.


• If you are feeling unwell, do not enter the Shul. 

• If you were in a State that is on the New York quarantine list, please do not come to Shul for 14 days.

• At all times, respect the sensitivities of others. Shul is a place to exemplify ואהבת לרעך כמוך. Avoid embarrassing or criticizing others. Tell a gabbai. 

• We are a no-cell phone shul. 

Thank you for choosing to daven here in the White Shul. 

Sun, September 20 2020 2 Tishrei 5781