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Community Parnasah Initiative


There is no more isolating or depressing  nonhealth-related condition than unemployment, under-employment, having a great business idea that you can’t fund, or that you can’t get anyone to listen to.

Rambam teaches us that the highest form of tzedakah is to enable an individual to earn his own Parnassah.  Ours is a diverse community rich with creative, successful people in all walks of life, as well as many people who struggle with Parnassah on a daily basis. Sure, we have many tzedakah initiatives to help the needy.  We feel it is time to take our assistance as a community to a higher level by introducing a bold new program, the Community Parnassah Initiative (CPI).

CPI is not an attempt to replace or duplicate the successful efforts of other programs, but rather to create a grassroots White Shul family clearing house to make shidduchim between those who can provide and those who need.  Thank you for filling out the form below and getting involved.

Tizku L'Mitzvos

Wed, June 3 2020 11 Sivan 5780