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Annual Dues are $1,000 plus $250 EmergencySecurity Assesment Fee .Additional amounts are:  Welfare Fund (annual dues + one time $10 initiation fee) $20, OU Dues $18, Eruv Dues $10, Vaad HaKashrus Dues $40

Annual Dues are $500 plus $250 EmergencySecurity Assesment Fee . Additional amounts are: Welfare Fund (annual dues + one time $10 initiation fee) $20, OU Dues $18, Eruv Dues $10, Vaad HaKashrus Dues $40

WELFARE POLICY:  A member who is 45 years old or younger at enrollment is entitled to Welfare Benefits: a plot in the Congregation's cemetery grounds for himself, his wife and any unmarried children under 18. Any member enrolling over age 45 can qualify for Welfare Benefits on payment of additional retroactive fees, as established by the Welfare Committee.


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No one will be turned away from membership for financial reasons.  If you cannot pay full membership please contact the Shul office at We will be happy to work with you in a completely private manner.

Please read the following:

I join my fellow congregants in seeking a future for our Shul that is consistent with its legacy of meaningful tefillah, dissemination of Torah, and dedicated service to the community and beyond.  I share the vision of nurturing an atmosphere where all who participate in the Shul's many activities will feel a sense of belonging, elevation, and excitement as they arrive to daven, learn, and perform acts of chesed.

Toward the goal of generating and maintaining such an environment, I express my commitment to help bring the tefillah experience offered by our Shul to a level that befits its standing as a Torah institution of the highest caliber.  Accordingly, I pledge, bli neder, to refrain from conversation throughout tefillah, and to foster an atmosphere conducive to meaningful prayer, reflection, and connection with HaKadosh Baruch Hu.


Sat, June 22 2024 16 Sivan 5784